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• 3/19/2017

Correspondence between ??? and Sa'id al-Wahid

[[While the Knights stay at the fort of Gylys Gray outside of St. Andrews, Scotland, this letter is delivered. It bears no seal or identifying mark, but is addressed to 'Seheed' on the exterior envelope.]]

To the dearest stranger I know,

Our meeting was so very brief, and yet I find myself fixating on every moment of it. Your face and voice occupy my mind both when awake and when asleep. My work has notable suffered from my preoccupation, so much so that mother thinks me ill. It's very inconvenient and yet I do not so much mind.

Why should I dwell on you so much? Am I merely bored of my life as it is, and the exotic whirlwind of a man passing through it delighted me so? Is it that you spoke openly of my sister, who I miss so dearly? Was it your bravery in the face of my father, who is himself the bravest man I yet know?

These questions have plagued me. I've given to entertaining the thought that perhaps I am in love. It is a notion that thrills me though I try not to be too eager to jump to conclusions.

I have sent this letter in hopes that it may reach you. A bribed courier should be all that is necessary to see it brought where my father is, and I hope that means you are there also.

I know my father wishes not that we speak, and I do not want to leave you in a position that may compromise your integrity. If you do not feel that you can write to me and remain an honest man, than cast this letter aside and pretend that it did not reach you. I will do the same.

Your lady in hopeful waiting,
Caoilainn mac Cumhaill
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• 3/19/2017

Correspondence between Meadhbh and Patrick mac Cumhail

[[While the Knights stay at the fort of Gylys Gray outside of St. Andrews, Scotland, this letter is delivered. It bears the symbol of the harp, and is addressed to Patrick on the exterior envelope.]]

My Love,

You have traveled so far, and deep into lands I'd ever imagine you'd you. Not since we were first married when we were scarcely more than children have I been without you for so long. I miss you deeply. Do you think you'll be absent much longer? My home feels empty without you.

All these things feel so sudden. I never imagined that we would come to find a real living fairy in our life times. Such strange days! I pray that she is leading us not to ruin. I fear your trust may run too deep.

I had an unexpected visitor the day before last. A Lord Treburg fitz Edmund from Shanagolden, just South of the Shannon. He seemed rather upset at the goings on at the settlement of Glin. He insisted that you were occupying the location, as his workers who have been transplanted to the locale no longer recognize him as Lord.

He demanded that we pay him in their stead, but we pay homage to Englishman. I know not fully your relationship to these workers or why they now call you Lord, but I believe I have successfully stalled for time until your return, or until you give me further direction.

I miss you. The children miss you. I hope that this time away from family proves worth it in the end.

Eternally yours,
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• 2/5/2017

Correspondence between Bilal ibn Talib al-Alim and Sa'id al-Wahid

My Son,

The news you bring troubles me greatly. If the knowledge of my astronomers rings true, then this sign is deeply foreboding indeed. If this star was carrying a message for our people, and it bore deamons upon it, then I worry greatly for our safety, for our way of life, for the message of our prophet.

You still believe in him, don’t you, my son? His grace is with you, whether you know it or not. I believe it in my heart that it is his wisdom that speaks through you still, that assists you even when you do not know it, who has seen you though this far.

I know it is more than I have any right to ask of you, but I must know all that you know, all that you can know, of what is to come. It may be that the end of days is nigh, and our fate may be sealed, whether at the hands of the Christians or at the hands of the forces of Hell.

My son, do not return home lest you need to. I need the peace of mind that some vestige of our way of life, of our faith, may still be out in the world, even if Almeria falls to the hands of the vile non-believers.

You have my love, as you have always had, even when you left us.

Your Loving Father,
Bilal ibn Talib al-Alim
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• 2/5/2017

Correspondence between Lord Raynald Evynwood and Ingrid of Anhalt

Lady Ingrid,

You must be so weary from traveling already. You have gone so far and I fear you must have little answers yet. Call upon me if you need my help or guidance. I am always at your behest.

It seems poor Martin has further to fly these days. This, and your safety, troubles me more than the news you bring. I fear that I may have left you ill-equipped to deal with what you are now being asked to do. It’s a large and strange world full of terrible and strange things.

Still, I have heard stranger tales than these from my mother, who heard them from her father when he was alive and well and still living in Wallachia. Have you heard the tale of the Mountains of Carpathia? Perhaps I can regale you with it on some occasion, when we have cause to celebrate and a glass of wine.

Forgive me for rambling. I do not seek to bore you with such idle things.

Let me know that you are well when you can. I am always delighted to see Martin again, both because he is a delightful creature, and because I am delighted by the success of my pupils.

Your Loyal Servant,
Lord Raynald Evynwood
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• 2/5/2017

Correspondence between King Edward III and Sir Broderik Camden

Sir Camedon,

It pleased me to have a letter in my possession bearing your family seal. I was glad that my master of game was able to get my message to you.

I can think of no reason why communication between a man and his king ought to be secretive, but these are strange times.

The blood of an Englishman is in your veins, and so I trust you as one of God’s Own People. The sights you beheld are strange to me still, but I know your innate mental fortitude is too strong for trickery.

Do what you must on your journey, but remember that all roads lead back to Windsor. Let the Irishman continue to think himself the leader, but keep me informed, and visit me often. I will do what I can to endear myself to the rest of your comrades. If the devil’s work is truly afoot, then England must be ready for it. And if we happen to be more ready than the people of other nations, then that would only be a sign from God that our victory is immanent.

Go forth in the man of your country, chivalry, and God.

Your King,
Edward III
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• 2/5/2017

Correspondence between Cardinal Pietro Colonna and Marsilia Colonna

My dear child,

It warms my heart to know that you are doing well. Are you enjoying your journeys? Do your companions treat you well?

It came as a surprise to both myself and to His Holiness that the English King should want to keep you in his company, or to at least make use of your services. His Holiness has doubts, but is thankful that he may be kept in the know regarding these strange and dark things. I myself have no hesitation of your capabilities. Your father raised you to be just as capable as any man I ever met. I know that you will continue to do good work, and continue to befuddle the men around you.

Your family is well, but misses you greatly. Your sister’s wedding is soon. No one has the heart, I hear, to tell her that you will likely not be there to see it. But I know the two of you have many happy memories in the future together that will more than make up for the lost time.

Boring politics: It seems that his Holiness’ Plan has gone off magnificently. It’s a shame that we could not stop the sea battle at Sluys, but it seems your gift has secured peace among God’s people at an auspicious time.

Be well. Be safe. Let us know of any news you have.

Your Uncle,
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• 2/5/2017

Correspondence between Cecilla Havercroft and Broderik Camden

To Whom I Have Loved as a Son,

I was mournful when I heard that you and your companions had so swiftly left the company of my family. I was told by the stable hands that they had overheard your intentions to move westward to Ireland on your question. I have penned this letter in earnest, hoping that it may find you.

You were sincerely missed at the funeral of the once-Lord Havercroft. It was a somber occasion, as is to be expected, but I would have liked to see you there. My life now lacks a proper man aside from you, and tending to my ailing son stretches me thin at the best of occasions. However, it seems that he heard my silent plea, and has been walking for brief periods about the castle halls. Mathus told me of your advice to him, of his duty that he now holds as Lord, and I like to imagine that it helped.

I assume from your sudden disappearance that you did not succeed in your quest to take the life of the Hag who doomed my husband. I know not why you surrendered, but take for granted that you believed it to be the best course of action. I have since dispatched a few fighting men in the direction that you were sent, but they have not yet found anything.

I hold no ill will towards you. I ask you for nothing more than to keep an old widow in your thoughts, and find my son, your mentor, Clemente, if you should find the time.

With Love,
Lady Cecilla Havercroft
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• 2/5/2017

Correspondence between King Edward III and Ingrid of Anhalt

My Dearest Cousin,

I am thankful for your letters. It is always wonderful to hear from another sober mind in a time of much turmoil and uncertainty.

I have heard word from your father. He is relieved to hear of your well-being, and while he remains somewhat perplexed by your leaving so swiftly, he appears to respect that it was on my wishes. He has asked for a letter in your own hand, to reassure him that all is well with you and that you are enjoying your time spend in my employ. I would not trouble you, knowing full well how busy you are, but I do not yet know you mind and heart as well as I would like to, and fear that an appropriate forgery could not be made by me in your stead. Perhaps next I see of you, you may indulge me in the baring of your soul, that I may not trouble you anymore with such petty correspondence.

In less titillating news, I have asked my advisers to seek council with your would-be suitor, Lord Evynwood, to see if a political engagement with him may be of benefit to us. So far they are having difficulty tracking him down. It appears he may be of less significance than perhaps he was letting on. I do not wish to accuse anyone of dishonesty, however, and will hold my words until I can look upon him face-to-face.

For the time being, it is to my satisfaction to keep you in my employ. I think there is a great deal of benefit that we could both have in each other’s company.

Should you be in need, you need only ask your dearest cousin.

With Love,
King Edward III, rightful ruler of England and France
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